Botkyrka Municipality puts meetings online

Mötesrum för fullmäktige
An acknowledged champion of transparent government, Sweden is determined to stimulate and further increase citizen involvement in the democratic process. The introduction of an innovative and interactive online meeting management system is transforming the way Swedish municipalities engage public interest in local government.

Public sector appeal
Stream Shed’s cloud-based online video technology is simple and cost-efficient to operate. This ‘SaaS’ (Software as a Service) concept provides state and local authorities with a highly compelling and cost-effective communication platform. Delivering video live, streamed or on-demand, complete with a full range of editing and storage functions, the system enhances agencies’ ability to engage and connect with the general public and specific target groups. Access to this broader public may be via conventional websites or virally, via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Sweden’s Botkyrka Municipality discovers new benefits all the time. Counselors and administrative staff appreciate the system’s intuitive and user-friendly interface, especially when casting and recording votes during public meetings, as well as its capacity to address and inform a much broader public.

User-friendly sophistication
On-site participants follow debates on a big-screen display, where they can view current and subsequent speakers, the next agenda item and so on. They can register attendance via a remote voting device, ask for the floor, respond and register a vote. They can also use voting cards or a show of hands, the secretary subsequently indicating whether the participant has asked for the floor, to respond or to vote etc.

Meetings can be viewed on the Internet, live or recorded. Camcorders record presentations from the lecterns and comments from the secretary and chairman’s rostrum, for transmission to a computer that converts the audio/video data to online format. Both secretary and chairman can manage the speaker list remotely, accepting or rejecting requests for the floor, moving forward or backward through the list.

If one or more handheld devices stop working, all aspects of the meeting can be managed manually. The lecterns are equipped with microphones. The audio signal is transmitted to loudspeakers and audio/video conversion software for subsequent webcasting, as required.

Each lectern features a control to indicate the microphone in use, which also transmits a signal to the camcorders. The signal synchs the selected microphone via the camcorder preset function. Camcorder angles and positions can also be adjusted via a remote control system.

Wireless convenience
Participants use a wireless keypad to register, ask for the floor, vote and so on. When a participant keys his/her wish to speak or vote, the keypad instantly confirms signal transmission and receipt, while the base station transmits the data to the JD600 Conference Producer’s CPU.

Meetings can be broadcast live and on demand over the Internet, displayed on a web page together with text about what is happening during the meeting. The title of the agenda item being discussed is displayed, with the name of the current speaker and the voting results. Where presentations feature PowerPoint slides, these can be displayed in parallel with the video broadcast.

The Stream Shed solution

JD600 Conference Producer
The ultimate meeting-management software. Handles everything from registration of participants, attendance, agenda administration, speaker lists and voting to minutes and meeting reports.

JD400 Media Encoder
Used to insert information about what is happening in parallel with audio and video, manually or automatically, by connecting the encoder to an existing information system, such as a meeting voting system or the JD700 StreamPublisher video archive. Information from connected systems is presented together with the video on the Internet, live and on demand.

JD700 Stream Publisher
A video platform that uses Microsoft Silverlight to broadcast video, live and on demand. The video platform is adapted for use with professional websites but can also operate as a fully independent website for video publishing. Can be installed on the client’s server or an externally leased platform. The media server need not be with any specific supplier.

REPLY keypads and base station
The world's leading designer and manufacturer of purpose-built radio frequency (R F) keypads for audience response and electronic voting applications, REPLY employs frequency hopping technology for superior range, security and speed..