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We are searching for companies and public bodies who want to communicate with video and it is not enough to use a simple standard solution that only can record and upload simple video clips. There are times when your video content needs to be created by pros. On other occasions you need to create and publish professional rich media presentations or live video at a low cost on your own. However you want all video content to be gathered in one place so that you get an overview while keeping your costs under control.

Our cloud services and software offers gives you and your employees the ability to create and publish webcasts on your own both live and on-demand. Get started and create videos to inform, educate, share meetings, and inspire your audience that are as sophisticated as the ones produced and published by professionals. Most of the Stream Sheds tools can be used by anyone with moderate computer skills.

Our product range consists of turnkey systems and functions that can be installed On-Premise or SaaS. In addition to deals in the form of products and solutions we also offers services such as counseling, installation and training.

Don’t limit your ability to reach out to the world, go to the next level of online video & meetings solutions.

Stream Shed AB is a privately held company and is fully funded on an equity basis with no debt.


Stream Shed AB
Address: Herdevägen 7B, SE-163 55 Spånga, Sweden
Phone: + 46 8 559 24 473
E-mail: info[at]streamshed[dot]com
Skype: streamshed.com

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StreamShed AB
Herdevägen 7B
SE-163 55 Spånga


+46 8 559 24 473